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AAAD 51: First Year Seminar: Masquerades of Blackness — Regester

ARTH 159: The Film Experience: Introduction to Visual Study of Film – Bauer

ART 206: Intermediate Video Production – Gruffat

ASIA 59: First-Year Seminar: Media Masala: Popular Music, TV, and the Internet in Modern India and Pakistan – Taj

ASIA 151: Literature and Society In Southeast Asia – Aragon

CMPL 142: Visual Culture II – Flaxman

CMPL 227: Global Authors: The Middle Ages in World Cinema –

CMPL 240: Melodrama (Introduction to Film Theory) – Pollmann

COMM 82: First Year Seminar: Globalizing Organizations – Dempsey

COMM 89: First Year Seminar: Stop Motion Animation – Talenti

COMM 130: Introduction to Media Production –Hondros

COMM 140: Introduction to Media History, Theory, and Criticism – Thomas, Murphy

COMM 230: Audio/Video/Film Production and Writing – Hondros

COMM 330: Introduction to Writing for Film and Television – Neigher

COMM 331: Writing the Short Film – Coen

COMM 335: Film Story Analysis – Coen

COMM 390: Special Topics: Visual Storytelling – Joy Goodwin

COMM 431: Audio Production – Robinson

COMM 452: Film Noir – Hillis

COMM 534: Aesthetic and Technical Considerations in Making Short Videos – Talenti

COMM 537: Master Screenwriting – Myers

COMM 635: Documentary Production – Haslett

COMM 653: Experimental Video – Rankus

COMM 654: Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Compositing – Rankus

COMM 690: First Person Documentary Filmmaking – Haslett

ENGL 53: First Year Seminar: Slavery and Freedom in African American Literature and Film – Andrews

ENGL 87H: First Year Seminar: Jane Austen, Then and Now – Brodey

ENGL 142: Film Analysis – Flaxman

ENGL 143: Film and Culture – Ross

FREN 315: Imposteur!: Faking and False Identities in French and Francophone Drama and Film – Welch

FREN 388: History of French Cinema I: 1895-1950 – Melehy

GERM 204: Advanced Intermediate German – Wegel, Trop

GERM 382: Representations of Violence and Terrorism in Contemporary German Literature and Film – Langston

GERM 390: The Films of the Berlin School and New Austrian Cinema – Pollmann

ITAL 333: Italian Film and Culture –

JOMC 551: Digital Media Economics and Behavior –M. Abernathy

MUSC 292: Media and Social Change in Africa – P. Abernathy

PORT 387: Brazilian Religious Movements through Film and Literature — Vernon

PORT 388: Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film – Rector

SLAV 88H: First Year Seminar: Gender and Fiction in Central and Eastern Europe – Wampuszyc