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Affiliated Faculty listed by department

African and Afro-American Studies

Charlene Regester: Associate Professor of African, African American and Diaspora Studies
Charlene Regester
Areas of cinema expertise: The contributions of African Americans to American cinema before 1950
Film courses:

    • AFAM 051 Masquerades of Blackness-Representing Race in Cinema
    AFAM 276: Black Cinema from 1900 to the Present


Art Department

J.J. Bauer: Visual Resources Curator for the Art Department
J.J. Bauer
Areas of cinema expertise: video, film, and animation
Film courses:

    Art 159 The Film Experience
Roxana Perez Mendez: Assistant Professor, Art Department
Roxana Perez Mendez
Areas of cinema expertise: sculptural installations with video components
Film courses:

    Art 799 MFA Studio Critique
Hong-An Truong: Assistant Professor, Art Department
Hong-An Truong
Areas of cinema expertise: silent film, architecture on film
Film courses:

    Art 290 Topics in Visual Arts: Ethnography & Avant-Garde Film


Asian Studies

Afroz Taj: Associate Professor of Asian Studies

Afroz Taj
Areas of cinema expertise: Indian Cinema
Film courses:

    ASIA 165 Bollywood Cinema
Robin Visser: Associate ProfessorAsian Studies, Adjunct in English and Comparative Literature

Robin Visser
Areas of cinema expertise: Chinese Cinema, Taiwanese women filmmakers
Film courses:

    CHIN 464 The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film
Nadia Yaqub: Assistant Professor of Asian Studies and Arabic
Nadia Yaqub
Areas of cinema expertise: Modern Arab Film, Palestinian cinema
Film courses:

    ARAB 453 Film, Nation, and Identity in the Arab World

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Communication Studies

Richard Cante: Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Richard Cante
Areas of cinema expertise: Queer cinema, media studies, porn studies, gender and sexuality in film
Film courses:Global Cinema; American Independent Cinema; Pornography and Culture; Sexuality and Visual Culture; Introduction to Media History, Theory and Criticism; Film Theory after Film Theory; Film                                     & Media History, Theory, and Criticism
Dana Coen: Professor
Dana Coen
Areas of cinema expertise: screenwriting
Film courses: Introduction to Writing for the Screen & Stage; Intermediate Screenwriting; History of American Screenwriting; Writing the Short Film; Writing the Feature Film I & II
Lawrence Grossberg: Professor
Lawrence Grossberg
Morris Davis Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies and Cultural Studies
Adjunct Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
Director of the University Program in Cultural Studies
Areas of cinema expertise: Media and Cultural Studies
Film courses: COMM 250 Cultural Studies; COMM 750 Cultural Studies
Gorham Kindem: Professor
Gorham Kindem
Areas of cinema expertise: documentary production, film history, media aesthetics, disability in film
Film courses:

    • History of Film
    • Documentary Idea
    Documentary production projects
Stephen C. Neigher: Lecturer
Stephen Neigher
Areas of cinema expertise: Screenwriting, television and film
Film courses:

    COMM 330 Introduction to Writing TV and Film
Edward Rankus: Associate Professor
Edward Rankus
Areas of cinema expertise: Experimental, Avant Garde Video & Film Production; Media production; Compositing, Motion Graphics, Special Effects
Film courses:

    • Experimental video production
      Beginning video production
  •  Motion graphics, special effects, and compositing for film/video


English and Comparative Literature

Inger Brodey: Director of the Global Cinema Minor
Inger Brodey
Associate Professor, Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
Director of the Comparative Literature Program
Faculty advisor for CLOUD (CMPL International Film Series)
Areas of cinema expertise: Japanese cinema, adaptation theory, westerns
Film courses:ENGL 087 Jane Austen then and now; CMPL 255 The Feast in Film, Philosophy, and Fiction; CMPL 220 Global Jane                                    Austen; CMPL/ASIA 379 Cowboys, Samurai, Rebels in Film and Fiction
Jennifer Larson: Lecturer, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Jennifer Larson
Areas of cinema expertise: Blaxploitation
Film courses:

    ENGL 143 Film and Culture


Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Richard Langston: Associate Professor of German
Richard Langston
Areas of cinema expertise: German avant-garde and experimental cinema
Film courses:

    GERM 60 First-year Seminar on avant-garde cinema
Priscilla Layne: Assistant Professor of German
Priscilla Layne
Areas of cinema expertise: New German Cinema, Transnational German
Cinema, Weimar, Popular Music in Film, Representing Race in Film
Film courses:

    • GERM 265 Hitler in Hollywood
    GERM 880 Gender and Sexuality in German Cinema: From Weimar to the Present
Ewa Wampuszyc, Assistant Professor of Polish Language and Literature
Ewa Wampuszyc
Areas of cinema expertise: Polish Language and Literature; Cultural and Economic Capital in Literature and Film
Tin Wegel: Lecturer in German; Director of Elementary Language Programs
Tin Wegel
Areas of cinema expertise: Drama and Theater, Theater Productions and Music in the Foreign Language Classroom, Migration and the Law in Cinema, Queer Cinema
Film courses: GERM 89 First-Year Seminar: Performance in America; GERM 301 Conversation and Compositions: Youth and Pop Cultures; GERM 302 Language and Culture: Contemporary Germany/Immigration to Germany/Multicultural Germany;
GERM 381 Berlin: Modern Metropolis



Louise McReynolds: Professor of History
Louise McReynolds
Areas of cinema expertise: Film history and theory, critical theory and cultures studies, and historiography
Film courses:

    HIST 490 Film and History in the West, 1908–1968



Chérie Rivers Ndaliko: Assistant Professor, Department of Music
Cherie Rivers Ndaliko
Areas of cinema expertise: The intersections of music, film, and social change in conflict regions of Africa
Film courses:

    Soundtracks of the Black Atlantic; MUSC 089(First-Year Seminar) Making and Marketing Music in the Digital Age


Romance Languages

Dominique Fisher: Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Dominique Fisher
Areas of cinema expertise: Francophone cinema, queer cinema
Film courses:

    FREN 375 Francophone Studies
    FREN 376 Identity and Nationhood in Québécois Literature
Martine Antle: Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Martine Antle
Areas of cinema expertise: French cinema, European cinema
Film courses:

    • FRE 332H Identities in European cinema
    FRE 505 African Francophone Cinema
Federico Luisetti: Associate Professor of Italian Studies
Federico Luisetti
Areas of cinema expertise: Film Theory, Auteurist Cinema
Film courses:

    • ITAL 333 Italian Film and Culture
    ITAL 335 Seminar on Special Topics