Need help figuring out which classes to take for your Film Studies Concentration? Here’s a list of upcoming classes and the different concentration requirements they fulfill. Remember that at least six of the ten courses required for the major must be 200-level or higher, at least two ENGL and CMPL courses must be writing-intensive (300-level), and one must be research intensive (400-level or above)

For full course details, including meeting times, see the Fall 19 Course List.

**Note that 2019-2020, CMPL 143 History of Global Cinema will be offered in the Fall instead of the Spring. ENGL 142 will be offered in the Spring instead of in the Fall.

ENGL 680 Film Theory, which meets the same requirement as ENGL 240 Intro to Film Theory, will be offered in the Spring.

If you are following the Film Studies Major Concentration, here are Fall courses that will meet certain requirements:

Survey I

CMPL 143 History of Global Cinema (Dr. Pollmann)

Survey II

CMPL 227 The Middle Ages in World Cinema (Dr. Legassie)

Writing Intensive

CMPL 382 Film and Nature (Dr. Legassie)

ENGL 389 Major Film Directors: Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Their Legacies

(Dr. Warner)

Research Intensive

CMPL 463 Cinema and Surrealism (Dr. Warner)

ENGL 681 Topics in Contemporary Film and Media (Dr. Flaxman)


CMPL 262 Film and Politics (Dr. Rodriguez)

ENGL 389 Major Film Directors: Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Their Legacies

(Dr. Warner)

Here are ENGL and CMPL film courses currently planned for Spring 20.

ENGL 142 Film Analysis (Dr. Johnson), Foundations

CMPL 254 Horror and the Global Gothic (Dr. Rodriguez), Depth

ENGL 255 Intro to Media Studies (TBD), Survey II

ENGL 381 Literature and Cinema (TBD), Survey II

ENGL 410 Documentary Film (Dr. Johnson), Depth, Research

CMPL 494 The Essay Film (Dr. Warner), Depth, Research

ENGL 680 Film Theory (Dr. Warner), Methods