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AAAD 250: Blacks in Film–Regester

ARTS 206: Intermediate Video Projects–Truong

ASIA 231: Bollywood Cinema– Taj

CHIN 346: Early Chinese History in Film–Bergeton

CMPL 143: History of Global Cinema– Warner

CMPL 144: Film Culture– Levavy

CMPL 280: Film Genres–Levavy

COMM 130: Introduction to Production – Jenne

COMM 140: Intro to Media History/Theory/Criticism–Various

COMM 230: Audio / Video / Film Production / Writing – Hondros

COMM 230: Audio / Video / Film Production / Writing – Inserra

COMM 330: Intro to Writing Film/TV– Neigher

COMM 331: Writing Short Film– Coen

COMM 334: Writing the One-Hour TV Drama– Neigher

COMM 430: History of American Screenwriting– Myers

COMM 431: Advanced Audio Production – Robinson

COMM 452: Film Noir– Hillis

COMM 550: American Independent Cinema– Cante

COMM 635: Documentary Production–Hondros

COMM 647: Advanced Projects – Rankus

COMM 654: Motion Graphics  – Rankus

COMM 690: Light and Color – Jenne

ENGL 142/142H: Film Analysis–Taylor

ENGL 143: Film and Culture– Larson, Hammer

ENGL 380: Film History – New Hollywood: American Cinema of the 1970s– Warner

FREN 389: History of French Cinema II– Melehy

GERM 265: Hitler in Hollywood: Cinematic Representation of Nazi Germany– Layne

GSLL 69: First Year Seminar: Laughing and Crying at the Movies -Film and Experience–Pollmann

HIST 124: US History Through Film– Lynn

HIST 302H: Film and History in Europe and US– McReynolds

HIST 390: Film in Nazi Germany– Craver

ITAL 335: Themes in Italian Film– Luisetti

SPAN 333: Conversation in Spanish Cinema–Lee