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To declare this concentration, contact Hilary Lithgow at

The Film Studies Concentration in English consists of ten courses. Students take one foundational course, one methods course, three core courses (two surveys and one depth course), and five electives.

At least six of the ten courses must be 200-level or higher. Two of the ten courses can be any course in ENGL or CMPL (excluding ENGL 105). You are encouraged to begin with ENGL Film Analysis, but you may fulfill these requirements in any particular order. 


ENGL 142 Film Analysis


CMPL 240 Introduction to Film Theory, or ENGL 680 Film Theory


Survey 1

CMPL 143 History of Global Cinema

Survey 2 (pick one)

CMPL 142 Visual Culture II

CMPL 150 Fear, Love, Laughter and Loss: Film Genres and Spectatorship (THT)

CMPL 255 The Feast in Film, Fiction, & Philosophy

ENGL 255 Introduction to Media Studies

CMPL 227 World Authors: The Middle Ages in World Cinema

ENGL 323 American Cinema of the 1970s (THT)

CMPL 375 New Wave Cinema: Sources & Legacies

ENGL 380 Film History

ENGL 381 Literature & Cinema

Depth (pick one)

CMPL 212 The Cinematic City

CMPL 254 Horror & the Global Gothic

CMPL 262 Film & Politics

CMPL 280 Film Genres

CMPL 379 Cowboys, Samurai, & Rebels in Film & Fiction

ENGL 389 Major Film Directors

ENGL 410 Documentary Film

CMPL 463 Cinema & Surrealism

CMPL 490 Film, Photography, & the Digital Image (THT)

CMPL 494 Cinematic Uses of the Essay Form


Of the five electives, three can be courses from outside of English & Comparative Literature (see full departmental and interdepartmental list here).

If you take any of the above core courses after already satisfying the core requirements, it may count as an elective.  


At least two courses taken in ENGL or CMPL must be writing-intensive (300-level), and at least one must be research-intensive (400, 500, or 600 level).

The same course may fulfill multiple requirements. For instance, you may take a survey course that is also writing-intensive or research-intensive. Or you may take a depth course that is also writing-intensive or research-intensive.

Note: THT indicates that this course counts for the category in which it appears, but it will require a Tar Heel Tracker adjustment.

Note: the Global Cinema Studies track within Comparative Literature will no longer be offered. If you are currently on this track, you may continue until graduation, or you can switch over to the new major.

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Martin Johnson, Concentration Advisor,

Dr. Rick Warner, Concentration Coordinator,